The only individualized treatment based on your unique migraine

Mable uncovers which migraine treatment best suits you using your genes, migraine factors and delivers your neurologist-customized treatment straight to your door.

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We're the first personalized neurology-led migraine clinic

"The Mable team has unlocked the missing link in migraine treatment: personalized acute and preventative medication based on how your DNA responds to treatment. Most treatment focuses on trial and error while Mable focuses on predicting, treating, and preventing your migraines. Your continuously monitored migraine treatment improves so you can finally claim days, weeks, or months back every year."
— Kumeren Govender, Chief Medical Officer at Mable with Ph.D. in Clinical Medicine

Migraine treatment was broken. We fixed it

Migraine treatment was a guessing game until we discovered a link between your genetics and migraine treatment.

Mable shortens the path to your best possible migraine treatment to weeks instead of years, using the latest advances in genomic and clinical research.

We accompany you throughout your journey and support you with continuously improved treatment and recommendations based on your unique signs of migraine.
mable mobile app showing fewer migraines
mable mobile app showing migraine plan

A comprehensive faster approach to migraine relief

Fast, personalized treatment
Fast, personalized treatment

Comprehensive, tailored migraine treatment plan in 24 hours with medication and supplements to your door in as little as 3 days.
Member first care
Member-first care

Factoring your genetics, triggers, history, lifestyle, and symptoms provides a complete picture and a treatment path forward.
Accessible Migraine Treatment
Access inaccessible treatments

Particular new effective migraine care can take six months or more to enroll; we can speed up the process.

How DNA-based migraine treatment works

Every migraine is different, and how your body responds to migraine treatment is different. We developed the first comprehensive migraine clinic to tailor treatment to your genes and your personal migraine type.

Here's step-by-step how this works:

1. Order Home DNA Kit
2. Provide DNA sample saliva swab in 10 seconds
3. Complete short questionnaire
4. Receive personalized migraine treatment plan
5. Deliver medication to your door
6. Experience relief and continuously improved care

mable migraine treatment test of DNA

Clinically tested with 700 patients: analyzing your DNA and migraine history leads to more effective treatment

From Mable & Illumina clinical validation study in Cambridge, UK 2021

What Mable customers say:

"Finally someone taking migraines seriously. I have been trying to find a painkiller that actually works for years."

– Ashley (Connecticut)

"I have been suffering from migraine for over 25 years and I know my triggers but they became impossible to manage. Knowing how to treat my migraine would give me peace of mind."

- Brandon (California)
"I have chronic migraine and was given beta blockers by my doctor but had to stop taking them after a while because I was getting dizzy. Being able to know ahead of time which drugs I'll react badly to would be amazing!"

- Lauren (Arizona)

World-class migraine research & treatment is part of our DNA

We are a team of doctoral researchers from Oxford University, UK, with over 28 combined years in genetics, neuroscience, and medicine. Working with world-leading migraine experts and leveraging the latest advances in genetics and migraine research. Finding treatment with better outcomes and fewer side effects for you within weeks instead of years.

roman rotharmel oxford
Roman Rotharmel
Chief Executive Officer
Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Oxford
inna thalmann oxford
Inna Thalmann
Chief Operating Officer
Ph.D. Health Economics, University of Oxford
tom kent oxford
Tom Kent
Chief Technology Officer
Ph.D. Medical Science, University of Oxford
chris eijsbouts oxford
Chris Eijsbouts
Chief Science Officer
Ph.D. Genomic Medicine & Statistics, University of Oxford
kumeren govender oxford
Kumeren Govender
Chief Medical Officer
Ph.D. Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford

The migraine relief you've been looking for

Mable's personalized migraine treatment is accepting a limited number of new migraine members in February 2022.